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Why Equality Matters

I hope that you have seen a copy of the resource that the Methodist Alliance working group campaigning to increase benefit levels and abatement thresholds have created. It looks like this and has been sent to Synods so there should be one in your Parish, or you can get a digital copy here.

I encourage you read it, use it and share it. We believe it could be used to create a series of services or reflections over several weeks, or as a series of discussion topics for a study group. We also hope the resource will be useful in assisting framing questions that are particular to your community to ask candidates in any meetings leading to the general election. And this is why…

Research has shown that inequality affects everyone. Inequality creates mindsets of superiority and inferiority, and affects how we interact and treat each other. It increases levels of anxiety especially around self-worth as we worry about how we are seen and judged. The five graphs below illustrate the effects of inequality:

The relationship between wellbeing and equality is significant - wellbeing declines as income inequality increases.

Prison populations are much higher in unequal nations

If you want to read more about this issue, you may like to read Bernard Hickey’s article in The Spinoff:

If you would like more information about how you join the campaign workgroup, please contact me.

Carol Barron, National Coordinator

03 375 0512 | 027 561 9164 |

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